List of Places to Visit in Cyprus

Cyprus Trip Guide

Cyprus Trip Guide Cyprus is among the top three of the islands of the Mediterranean; The Republic of Turkey, is located in the south. It consists of two different nationalities; The eastern and northern regions of Cyprus became the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 1983. Due to the lack of a passport and visa for Turkish citizens, it is a popular holiday destination.

There are many historical and natural beauties such as Girne Castle which is the symbol of the island at the beginning of the list of places to visit in Cyprus. Cyprus Trip Guide .

Kyrenia Castle-Cyprus Trip Guide

The castle dates back to the Hellenistic Roman period. The castle which the Ottoman Empire took in 1570; It was started to be used as a museum after Cyprus. Within the castle There are 10 museums and rooms to visit, including the St. George Church.

Bellapais Monastery

The monastery built in Girne between 1158 and 1205 carries the traces of gothic architecture; The scenery leaves everyone admired.

The best examples of Gothic architecture are the walls of the Bellapais Monastery, including mermaids, cats, men, women, monkeys and monks.

The monastery, which now has rooms used as a concert hall, should be included in the list of places to visit in Cyprus. Cyprus Trip Guide

St. Hilarion Castle

It was built on the northern side of the Beşparmak Mountains. St. From the Hilarion Castle, it is possible to see the city of Kyrenia.

Although the road to be reached by the castle is rugged, you must definitely go to the castle; you should be amazed at what difficulties and how people build this castle in time.

Buffavento Castle

The name of the castle comes from Buffa di vento in Italian; one of the three castles on the island and the highest. It is thought to be used to communicate because the castle is located in the middle of the other castles as the location.

Kantara Castle

The castle built on the Beşparmak mountains; It was built during the Byzantine period to protect itself from Arab raids.

Salamis Ruins

Another point in the list of places to visit in Cyprus is the Salamis Ruins.

As a result of many years of research, the ancient city of Salamis dates back to the 11th century BC. Cyprus Trip Guide.

According to researches conducted by archaeologists, Tuzla Village, also known as Enkomi, was reported to have emigrated and founded the city of Salamis after a severe earthquake in 1075 BC.

St. Barnabas Church and Monastery

The last stop on the list of places to visit in Cyprus Barnabas Church and Monastery.

The name of the church and the monastery Barnabas is the son of a rich Jewish family living in Salimis. After completing his education in Jerusalem, he returned to his country and started his studies in order to spread Christianity. Cyprus Trip Guide.

He was killed by his own people for his work on disseminating Christianity. Barnabas’ body is secretly taken by his disciple and buried in an underground cave with the Bible. 432 years after the burial of the body, a bishop who dreamed of the place of the grave was helped by the dream of finding the body and helped to establish a church and a monastery there.

Cyprus Trip Guide

Cyprus City Tour – A Cultural Heritage

Cyprus City Tour One of the most practical ways to enjoy the scenic views of the Mediterranean and enjoy the Mediterranean is the Cyprus city tour.

Bellapais Monastery and Beylerbeyi Village

The old name of Beylerbeyi, a former Mediterranean village, is Bellapais. It is the Bellapais Monastery with the exception of lemon and pomegranate trees. The monastery bearing the traces of Gothic architecture is one of the places to visit in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The monastery was completed between 1158 and 1205.

Hz. Omar Tomb-Cyprus City Tour

After the birth of Islam in order to spread Islam, coming to Cyprus. Omar and six of his companions were killed on the island where they came for the conquest and they were buried by the other Mujahideen who came to spread Islam. After that, the corpses that were never intact by the Muslim Turks were carefully transported to a sheltered place. The tomb of Ömer was built.

St. Hilarion Castle

The fortress is located in the westernmost of the three castles built over the Beşparmak mountains against the Arab invasions. The castle received its name from a saint who had to emigrate to Cyprus after the capture of Jerusalem by the Arabs and spent the last years of his life worshiping in the castle.
Although it is not known when the castle was built, the name of the fortress was first found in the records in 1911.

Ancient Kyrenia Harbor

Port of Kyrenia (Kyrenia Harbor) and Kyrenia Castle are the places to visit in the city center of Girne, for tourists who want to tour the city of Cyprus. Girne Harbor stands out as a center of attraction with its restaurants and cafes located within the stone structures around it. In 2017, the restoration and restoration works at the ancient port were greatly improved by the port and its surroundings.

Kyrenia Harbor

Kyrenia Castle is one of the oldest buildings on the island of Cyprus. It was built by Byzantines in the 7th century. In the period when it was built, the castle that protects the island against the Arab invasions; Genoese, Venetian and Ottoman periods have been innovated according to the conditions of the period. Today, the castle is thought to be built in the 11th century. George Church, the Ottoman seaman Algerian Sadik Pasha’s grave and sunken ship museum is located. The castle resembles an open-air museum with its structures, and is the leading place for tourists to tour the city of Cyprus.

Ruins of Salamis

Salamis Ruins, one of the most important archaeological remains in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, constitute the cultural leg of the Cyprus city tour. The Salamis ruins are located quite close to the sea, 6 kilometers from the city of Famagusta. The city was founded in BC. It is one of the oldest settlements of the Mediterranean basin with its feature dating back to the 11th century. Assyrian, Egypt, Persian, Macedonian and Roman sovereignty, respectively, the city has lost its importance after the city was destroyed by earthquakes.

Cyprus City Tour

Ercan Airport Shuttle Service

Ercan Airport Shuttle A variety of transfer services are offered at the airports. The first thing that comes to mind about this service is car hire and shuttle service.

Ercan Airport Public Transportation Service

In the case of shuttle transfers, passengers who wish to travel on the same route are transported to the point of public transport. Ercan airport shuttle service passengers at the airport when they land at the moment they land on their own comfortable and luxury vehicles are served.

Ercan airport shuttle services are extremely comfortable and luxurious buses. The car seats are comfortable and have air conditioning. Buses were set at frequent intervals.

Shuttle Service at Ercan Airport

Vehicle drivers are highly experienced and abide by the rules. Equipped with equipped personnel with the characteristics of the passengers. Transfers reflect all the comfort of Cyprus taxi’s other vehicles. As Cypers taxi Ercan airport shuttle is used, it is possible to travel as if a private chauffeur is serving. It reflects the privilege to its customers.

Cyprus taxi airport shuttle service guarantees its customers fast, comfortable and reliable travel.

The drivers of the shuttle services are well-trained, experienced drivers who are knowledgeable in English and who comply with the traffic rules. After the flight, customers want comfort, luxury and good driver in the land vehicles they will use to reach the point they want to reach. At this point, Cyprus will never ignore that taxi passengers want this and undertakes to provide services in the direction.

Cypruss taxi tries to offer similar services to VIP customers in airport shuttle service. He also uses his latest fleet of vehicles on buses. Cypruss taxi, which knows the importance and fineness of public transportation, has the mission of providing service in this direction. Customer satisfaction, customer comfort and convenience are always priorities in its service.

Providing Customer Satisfaction in Shuttle Service

It is among the priorities of the customers who want to get shuttle service from the moment they come to the airport without any problem. At this point, the staff is well-educated, polite, equipped, who speaks English, who can use very well, who respects the traffic rules, the customer can choose from people who understand human psychology.

Cyprus has all the vehicles in the taxi airport shuttle service in a comfortable and safe fleet.

It gives importance to the sensitivity of the customers who have completed their air travel and brings them to the desired point in a short time, smoothly and safely.

Passengers complete their travels as if they were receiving VIP service.

Kyrenia Taxi Service

Passengers who want to travel by taxi demand comfort, luxury, safe travel, experience and a good driver. In this context, Cyprus offers all the features of the taxi passengers in Kyrenia. All the necessary comfort and service is offered to customers who request a taxi by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground.

Girne Taxi Service

The priority of customers in the taxi industry is always the safety and quality of service. The characteristics of the taxi driver, which the passenger rides on, are always experienced, well-trained, masters of advanced driving techniques, respecting traffic rules, respecting people, respecting the environment and mastering the world’s common language.

The desired features of the vehicle; comfort, security, luxury and comfort. Kyrenia taxi customers have managed to bring together all these sought after features. It continues its service with years of experience.

Tax Services in Kyrenia Region

Kyrenia taxi always accepts customer satisfaction and safety as its priority and takes all necessary measures in line with this mission and offers to its customers with satisfaction.

With the latest model vehicles in the fleet, Kyrenia offers taxi service and always takes customer satisfaction into consideration.

Customers who request a taxi service are sent to the region in the fastest way and customers are never kept waiting, the customer is not allowed to be victimized. The taxi information sent to the customer is transmitted quickly.

If customers specify the criteria they expect from a taxi, they will be provided with a taxi service. For example; like baby seats. The baby seat is mounted on the vehicle before the vehicle is sent to the customer’s address and the customer is provided with detailed information on this service.

Customers who want to help themselves in the taxi service they want to know the foreign language if they want the driver to speak a foreign language is allocated to them, and in this regard before the taxi is sent to the customer is informed.

In all vehicles sent to customers, air conditioning, telephone charge and similar services are also available.

Customer happiness

All the comfort and service that will make the customers demanding taxi service feel as if they are VIP customers are offered to them.

The drivers who provide taxi services are the most experienced and demanding customers as well as the traffic rules.

Cyprus offers all the comfort and convenience to its customers in the taxi service, as in all other taxi services of the taxi. Customers who take taxi services feel as if they are traveling as if they are getting a chauffeur service. Since this important privilege is offered to customers, positive returns are always received from customers.

It includes all the features determined by the instructions of the taxi drivers.

-Girne region of all districts, streets and streets, who knows

  • Hospital, holiday villages, hotels, cafes, shopping centers, squares, housing sites

It is operated by drivers.

In the event that the customers want, they are also provided with a variety of features such as television, bar service, luxury passenger cars with large passenger capacity.

Customer demands are always taken correctly and in this direction, the service is offered in accordance with the demands of the customer.

Kyrenia Taxi

Safe and Comfortable Vip Transfer in Cyprus

Cyprus Vip Transfer For those who want to travel comfortably in the city or outside the city, VIP transfer offers a comfortable and safe journey to their customers.

Vip Transfer in Cyprus

Cyprus vip transfer services offer all the comfort, security, comfort and luxury that customers are looking for.

Offering exclusive and privileged service in road transportation, Cyprus provides a combination of luxury and comfort to its customers with special design tools in the transfer service.

Within the scope of the transfer, as requested by the customer; airport transfer, hotels, holiday villages, concerts and similar places are provided to travel safely.

The latest model in the fleet, which combines all the advanced technologies, offers customers the comfort, comfort and luxury they seek.

Perfect Solution for Vip Transfer in Cyprus

Customers who want to transfer vip transfer to Cyprus can fill the form on website and provide all the features they want.

They can also access the VIP service by accessing the phone number and requesting all the details.

Customer representatives appoint vehicles with all the features they want.

All vehicles in the vehicle fleet are in perfect condition and undergoing all safety checks. The drivers of the vehicles have the necessary equipment.

The drivers who will serve them are experienced, advanced driving technics, who respect the traffic rules, respectful to people, are environmentally friendly, well-trained, English-speaking people.

Vip Transfer Vehicle Fleet and Expert Staff

All information related to the personnel who will provide service during the vehicle and travel is reported to the customers before the travel begins.

The staff who will serve the customers goes to the address reported in the framework of the reservation information and start to serve their customers by smiling.

The staff assigned to the vehicle places customers’ luggage, opens their doors and always makes themselves feel special.

In the vehicle, there are internet, cream, shoe shine, newspapers, magazines and similar auxiliary equipments.

The advanced driving techniques that the drivers will support during the service ensure that the passengers travel with confidence.

There is a vehicle tracking system in the vehicles used. At the same time, personal accident insurance is provided to ensure the personal safety of the customers.

Vip Transfer is Exclusive Service

VIP service is a privileged and special service area. It is a study area where experienced people can make their privileges in service. site offers all the features you want to get vip service when it is examined, offers criteria, safe and comfortable travel services.

When the site, which allows customers to feel special about their privileges and privileges in Cyprus,

is examined, customers who wish to transfer can see the services they want to receive with all the details.

As a company that knows how to reflect years of experience, continuously improves itself, follows high technology and constantly renews its fleet,

Cyprus has always succeeded in working with customers who have been transferring their vip in Cyprus.

The personnel who are educated, polite, understands the human psychology, speaks foreign languages,

understands the subtleties of the service sector and reveals their privilege in the VIP transfer.

Customer satisfaction, peace, comfort and most importantly, security has always been a priority.

Larnaca Airport Transfer

Larnaca Airport transfer are very important for travelers. After a long journey, you can get to the airport from where you want to reach.

Larnaca Airport Transfer

There are several important details that the passenger expects from the driver at this point. The passenger wants to be a well-trained, experienced person who respects the traffic rules and the stranger speaks English which is the common language of the world.

Cyprus taxi has the drivers and vehicles of the required equipment with the features that the passengers want.

Passenger Characteristics of Airport Transfer

Cyprus Taxi has the drivers and vehicles of the passengers with the characteristics they want in transferring the airport to Larnaca Airport for many years.

Drivers who use the tools are extremely polite, equipped with features and equipment, people who have knowledge about human psychology, who know the difficulties of the job, but capable of fast solutions, well-trained, experienced, with English speaking staff.

Luxury Vehicle Fleet for Transfers

At the same time, it is known about the comfort and luxury of the vehicles in connection with the transfer of the Cyprus taxi company Larnaka airport.

The taxis provide taxis, minibuses and buses for 4 or 6 people with all the comfort and luxury they want. The fleet of vehicles, the quality and equipment of the drivers is to ensure the satisfaction of the customer.

Cyprus taxi Larnaka has adopted customer satisfaction as a priority in terms of transferring priority to the airport.

In accordance with the demand of the customer, it offers luxury and comfortable vehicles. It provides all the features that all the passengers want to provide comfort to the traveler.

All vehicles are equipped with air conditioning system and seat covers to ensure the comfort and comfort of passengers.

The tools used are in perfect condition and have undergone all safety checks. Drivers have all the necessary equipment.

Bookings from are available with the automatic reservation system in connection with the airport transfer. The site is provided with ease by booking the form.

Passengers who wish to transfer are filled in the details on the form and the vehicles with the characteristics they want are allocated for themselves.

Cyprus taxi provides top-level managers with the tools they want for business travel and provide the comfort and convenience they want.

It offers VIP service providing first class transportation to Cyprus for business travelers, meetings, hotels, holiday villages or home managers.

Cyprus is committed to quality service to passengers traveling by taxi. For years, it has been providing passengers with airport transfer experience.

  • In the VIP services requested by the passengers, drivers and vehicles with the characteristics they seek are allocated.
  • He extends his compassionate hand to those in Cyprus for weddings, engagements and similar events.
  • It offers all the features that passengers and passengers expect from time to time for business meetings and similar events.
  • If the transfer from the airport is required, drivers with the necessary equipment are allocated.

Careful attention, precision and attention are given to ensure that the time you will spend in Cyprus is perfect.

Larnaca Airport transfer

Cyprus Professional Solutions to Your Taxi Needs

Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus are one of the tourist centers that have become popular with foreign tourists due to their location and climate. The sea and nature of Cyprus offer a relaxing holiday as well as a quiet holiday. Cyprus has great advantages in terms of transportation with its developed tourism approach. Located in Cyprus, Ercan Airport operates at sufficient capacity as a number of taxi transport.

General Features of Taxis in Cyprus

Cyprus is very different from the traditional model because of the tourism paradise. Taxi models are used in Cyprus where luxury cars are used rather than ordinary taxis. It is very easy to find a VIP taxi in Cyprus. Taxi drivers are also carefully selected as the taxiing profession is considered the tourism mirror of Cyprus.

In fact, in some senior companies, drivers are given a series of trainings before they start working. Another feature sought for people who serve as drivers in taxis is that they have mastery of cities all over the country and they have the knowledge and skills to guide the customers when necessary. Most of the taxi drivers serving in Cyprus are foreign languages. German automobile giant Mercedes E series and Mercedes Viano model taxis are also available.

Taxi Types in Cyprus

Tourism means diversity in service. In the areas where tourism is intense, normal services are diversified and become more rich. In this sense, the concept of Cyprus taxi also includes many innovations and diversity.

  • Classic taxi service: Classic taxi, taking you at the airport to take you to the desired accommodation is the name given to the service. The most important feature of the classic taxi according to ordinary taxis is the provision of vehicles according to the number of people. For a family of 4, the Mercedes E-series is sufficient, while for groups of 6-8 or more people Mercedes Viano is preferred.
  • Daily taxi service: The scope of this service is even wider. With the taxi driver you rent daily, you can take you to the place of the island. At this point, it is very important that the taxi driver is equipped. In daily taxi service, drivers and vehicles are carefully selected and put into service.

Taxi Communication And Prices

At the point of obtaining a taxi, the Cyprus taxi also offers many innovations to its customers. An appointment can be made independently of the classic taxi system. There are no shortage of taxis around the airports, however, customers who want to secure their business can reach their taxis on an appointment via the internet and make appointments by contacting them before the date of arrival in order to avoid having to worry about finding a taxi. You can make an appointment via the Internet and make an appointment via Whatsapp and phone.

Taxi prices can be more economical in some cases compared to Cyprus taxi and community transportation. The Cyprus taxi, which is cheaper and cheaper than public transportation according to the direction and time of arrival, offers a convenience to its customers with an appointment system that cannot be found in public transportation.

Cyprus Taxi

Transfer Service in Cyprus

Cyprus Transfer As everyone knows, airports are often located outside the city wherever they go. This creates many alternatives for urban transportation. Persons traveling for a few days on business travel use the transfer service.

Although some people prefer public transport, individuals who do not want to lose time in terms of both financial and spiritual aspects, especially in terms of touristic use, use the transfer process. It is important to rent a car to take advantage of this service.

About Transfer Service

The transfer service can be defined as a service that is used continuously everywhere. The Cyprus transfer service is the service for those who will go to Cyprus and do not know it. In this way, the individual can go to the address he wants from the airport he travels. It will definitely be a waste of time to find out the vehicle numbers and search for their routes in an unrecognized place.

Thanks to the service that avoids this situation, you can benefit from the Cyprus transfer service by renting a vehicle and by the model you want. A person must book in advance for a Cyprus transfer service. This is due to the smooth transfer of the transfer service made in the form of a reserve. The person must specify the airport, destination address, contact details, name and surname of the person in advance when booking.

Thanks to the airport transfer service, it is possible to reach the airport from the airport to the airport in a comfortable, economical and comfortable manner. Thanks to this, 2-night visits on behalf of the business meeting to go to the desired address to save time or is preferred to avoid losing time. As in car rental service, airport transfer service is also paid in advance.

Transfer Service Privileges

The vehicle personnel from the airport or at the requested address meets the individual with a smiling face. There are many opportunities for companies. Services such as snacks, drinks, magazines, newspapers and books, Internet service are free of charge.

Like cars in car rental companies, these cars are fully equipped and equipped with safety equipment to protect the goods and the safety of passengers and other persons in the traffic. Airport transfer services are both very cost effective and prevent the loss of time and offers a service with a very important ratio worldwide.

Cyprus Transfer

Cyprus Hotel Options

Cyprus Hotels Options In general, the number of hotels in Cyprus is high, but Cyprus hotels Options provide high quality services in almost every district. A large number of hotels are available, as well as a large number of hotels, with a high standard of standards. Most of these hotels are located on the coastal beaches of Cyprus, famous for its sea and attracts attention with its wide beaches. Of course, we cannot bypass the magnificent architecture and landscaping gardens.

After the flight to Ercan Airport, which is the only airport in Cyprus and located in Nicosia, the hotel’s private car will meet you there and take you to your hotel with its comfortable vehicles. At the same time, Cyprus airport buses are available for a reasonable fee.

The most requested hotels in and around Kyrenia are;

  • Hotel Merit Park
  • The Olive Tree Hotel
  • Hotel Acapulco Resort Reviews
  • Vuni Palace
  • Oscar Resort
  • Hotel Merit Crystal Cove
  • Dome Hotel
  • Jasmine Court Hotel
  • Liman Hotel

The preferred hotels of the city of Magosa are as follows;

  • Arkin Palm Beach Hotel
  • Salamis By Conti Resort Hotel
  • Merit Cyprus Gardes Holiday Hotel
  • Oscar Park Hotel
  • Exotic Hotel
  • Evolve Park Hotel

Although it is very far from Girne, Kaya Artemis Hotel in Bafra region, which is known for its length of coastline, is frequently preferred. Located in the same area, Noah’s Ark Deluxe Hotel has ultra luxury features.

Located 5 km from the center of Kyrenia, Cratos Hotel has a beautiful coastline, just like Kaya Artemis Hotel, and offers guests a VIP service.Cyprus Hotel Options

Almost all of the Cyprus hotels offer casino services and this is the most important source of income for Cyprus. In addition, most of the hotels in Cyprus are hosting night shows and famous artists at night. It is astonishing to see how this small island, which is our baby motherland, has so many and quality hotels.

Although the summer months pass in Cyprus, the hotel’s air conditioning, sea and pool services are at the top level. In addition, the rich buffet services and refreshments made around the clock satisfy the guests. Rooms are comfortable. Spring and autumn months can be preferred for those who do not like much heat.

Whether you prefer Cyprus Hotel Options or not, all of them have a shuttle service to city centers and other hotels. In front of the hotel, guests are served high-class guests with stylish limousines and latest model cars.

Cyprus hotels, which have been preferred frequently in recent years as an alternative abroad holiday, act by keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront. Having a large number of hotels makes the service quality to a high level due to the rivalry between them. Different services and products can all make it difficult to decide which one to choose. However, you can make this choice by prioritizing your choice.

Cyprus Hotels Options

Paphos Airport Transfer Service

Paphos airport transfer The transportation world is divided into two as public transport or private. The most important option of the personal category is the transfer service. This service has many advantages. For those who want to gain prestige in the business world, Paphos airport transfer vehicles have the features you want. Luxury vip-style vehicles are not a problem for tourists. In the category of vehicle, driver and work program, professional solution options are preferred.

You can choose us to have a transfer service without any problems. In this category, our team follows all the necessary operations with a team understanding and offers quality solutions. You can combine quality transportation options for our business meeting and tourist tour with our Vip style public transportation vehicles. Car rental in the category of driver of the Paphos airport transfer service, our company, this service offers all weather conditions.

We Provide Professional Transfer Service

Our luxury, comfortable and full-featured vehicles are our professional drivers. You can trust our drivers in matters such as customer satisfaction, dialogue, driving and reaching the desired location in time. Our chauffeurs, who meet your important guests in the best way, realize the transfer service without any problems.

The transfer service, which is the only address of safe, comfortable and timely transportation, fully solves the transportation problem. Fuel, vehicle tax, inspection, insurance and similar expenses belong to our company. You only pay the rental fee. Vehicle and transportation distance play a decisive role in remuneration. You can call us 7/24 in Paphos airport transfer category.

Our vehicles are comfortable and luxurious

Our luxury vehicles with air-conditioned features can be used without problems in bad weather conditions. Comfort, air conditioning and suspension in the category of our comfortable vehicles with the possibility to travel smoothly, specially designed for your comfort.

These vehicles are specially designed for comfortable and comfortable travel and are used by experienced drivers without any problem. You can count on our drivers for traffic rules and driving. In addition to the comfort of the vehicle, the procedures such as tax, insurance and inspection, which are made compulsory in the world of automobiles, are followed by our company. All the procedures required to ensure the safe travel of your journey are meticulously followed. You specify the working hours at the airport transfer service in Paphos. According to the time of your flight, our guests are waiting at the exit of the airport.

Online Booking

One of the most important services offered by our company in this category is the online booking service. You can visit our site and make an immediate reservation process. In order to ensure a smooth welcome, our company performs a luxury car rental process without any problem.

Our vehicles are ready for service at any time. You can benefit from our transfer service by contacting our customer service at any time of the day. Special design vehicles, which provide maximum protection against adverse weather conditions in hot weather and cold weather, can be rented on every day of the year. All necessary measures are taken in snowy and icy weather.

Paphos Airport Transfer Service