Cyprus City Tour – A Cultural Heritage

Cyprus City Tour One of the most practical ways to enjoy the scenic views of the Mediterranean and enjoy the Mediterranean is the Cyprus city tour.

Bellapais Monastery and Beylerbeyi Village

The old name of Beylerbeyi, a former Mediterranean village, is Bellapais. It is the Bellapais Monastery with the exception of lemon and pomegranate trees. The monastery bearing the traces of Gothic architecture is one of the places to visit in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The monastery was completed between 1158 and 1205.

Hz. Omar Tomb-Cyprus City Tour

After the birth of Islam in order to spread Islam, coming to Cyprus. Omar and six of his companions were killed on the island where they came for the conquest and they were buried by the other Mujahideen who came to spread Islam. After that, the corpses that were never intact by the Muslim Turks were carefully transported to a sheltered place. The tomb of Ömer was built.

St. Hilarion Castle

The fortress is located in the westernmost of the three castles built over the Beşparmak mountains against the Arab invasions. The castle received its name from a saint who had to emigrate to Cyprus after the capture of Jerusalem by the Arabs and spent the last years of his life worshiping in the castle.
Although it is not known when the castle was built, the name of the fortress was first found in the records in 1911.

Ancient Kyrenia Harbor

Port of Kyrenia (Kyrenia Harbor) and Kyrenia Castle are the places to visit in the city center of Girne, for tourists who want to tour the city of Cyprus. Girne Harbor stands out as a center of attraction with its restaurants and cafes located within the stone structures around it. In 2017, the restoration and restoration works at the ancient port were greatly improved by the port and its surroundings.

Kyrenia Harbor

Kyrenia Castle is one of the oldest buildings on the island of Cyprus. It was built by Byzantines in the 7th century. In the period when it was built, the castle that protects the island against the Arab invasions; Genoese, Venetian and Ottoman periods have been innovated according to the conditions of the period. Today, the castle is thought to be built in the 11th century. George Church, the Ottoman seaman Algerian Sadik Pasha’s grave and sunken ship museum is located. The castle resembles an open-air museum with its structures, and is the leading place for tourists to tour the city of Cyprus.

Ruins of Salamis

Salamis Ruins, one of the most important archaeological remains in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, constitute the cultural leg of the Cyprus city tour. The Salamis ruins are located quite close to the sea, 6 kilometers from the city of Famagusta. The city was founded in BC. It is one of the oldest settlements of the Mediterranean basin with its feature dating back to the 11th century. Assyrian, Egypt, Persian, Macedonian and Roman sovereignty, respectively, the city has lost its importance after the city was destroyed by earthquakes.

Cyprus City Tour

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Girne Taxi Service

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